Paradise – World’s Favourite Biryani

Paradise is an Indian restaurant chain found throughout South India. My first experience with Paradise was when I was in Hyderabad and I must admit it was a very pleasing experience. We tried the famous mutton biryani on our first occasion and then on our second visit we went for the chicken tikka masala with classic tandoori roti’s which were the best I have tried in all of Indian.


So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Paradise had an outlet in Chennai. So being the food connoisseurs we aim to be we took ourselves around to this restaurant one Wednesday evening. All I can say is get there early because the place was totally booked out with a huge line of people waiting to get in. Fortunately we were able to sneak past the crowds and get a table.

Unfortunately my expectations were squashed a little by this Chennai restaurant, the roti’s were not as good as the Hyderabad branch and the chicken tikka masala was a let down as well. I think my expectations were lifted high from the visit to the Hyderabad branch and although I would not discourage anyone from trying out Paradise in Chennai, maybe a wait until you visit Hyderabad to visit that branch or try a number of other Indian restaurant in Chennai first.

Overall, it was an ok experience.


Mellow Circle

If you happened to be in Chennai during the month of December you might want to experience a very delightful play that is preformed every Christmas with Mellow Circle. Mellow Circle is associated with Prathyasha, a Home of Hope for Children with HIV AIDS. Prathyasha¬† takes care of the physical, emotional, educational, nutritional and medical well-being of these children by housing them in their own home, so that their days on earth have a humane touch, a touch of dignity. Hence the name ‘Prathyasha’, meaning hope.


We have attended these wonderfully scripted and acted Christmas dramas every year except December 2016. They carry a Christmas theme and all the proceeds go towards a very worthy cause, Mellow Circles home for HIV effected children.

The theatre is a wonderful old building with great ambience and history and the atmosphere is friendly and extremely uplifting.

Mellow 3

To keep in the loop and to discover the dates for their next Christmas event you can visit for more details, or check out our blog as the Christmas season draws closer and we will post details of the next musical event.

Anokhi Cafe


Anokhi is a very trendy restaurant cafe in the heart of Chennai. We have found this place to be a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the busy life of Chennai. An has a great range of meals and great coffee and cakes. The atmosphere and ambience is quiet and relaxing and the food is delicious.

Anokhi has a couple of added benefits with about 3 small shops selling a great variety of clothing for men and women as well as a great range of small gift items.

Nestled in the leafy area of Alwapret, Anokhi is great place to relax and unwind and enjoy either a delicious meal or just a coffee and cake with friends and family.




Ciclo Cafe

Ciclo Cafe Chennai

Ciclo cafe is one of our favourite places to relax and enjoy good quality food and coffee. The cafe has a wonderful ambience and atmosphere and the staff are well trained and friendly.20170606_144646_resized

The food is generous and delicious with a great variety of western style cooking. My personal favourite is the beef salad which comes with a generous portion of sliced beef topped with a very tasty balsamic type dressing.


Not only is this cafe a great place to eat and spend time with friends and family but it also boasts a great selection of bikes and bike accessories that you can purchase or simply browse through as you head for your table and for your meal.


Overall if your looking for clean and well maintained cafe with great ambience and food then Ciclo comes highly recommended.


And if you are a member of the Overseas womens club with a valid membership card the cafe does provide a 20% discount on your bill.

Old no. 33, New No. 47, Gandhi Mandapam Rd, Chitra Nagar, Kotturpuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600085, Chennai, India 600085