Places to Visit

Famous Ooty

A trip to the hill regions of Tamil Nadu is a must for any would be travellers to India. Ooty is located approximately 550km’s from the main port city of Chennai and is renowned for its chocolate tasting, tea plantations, beautiful scenic countryside and cool climate.

We took the overnight train using a 4 berth air-conditioned ticket. The sleeping arrangements are fine and if you can book the sleeping berths that are parallel to the main walk way you will experience much more privacy.

We stayed 2 nights in a cheap 3 star hotel which was basic but comfortable. The first day we visited the tea plantations and where treated to the production of the tea into a sellable item. Team tasting was awesome and you are able to buy some of the tea products that they manufacture. A word of caution is to make sure you get the same tea you sample when you buy, on occasions what you taste is A grade and what you end up buying is much lesser quality and taste.


Tea harvesting

There is so much to see and do in Ooty and the surrounding areas, it is advisable to hire a vehicle and a driver who has local knowledge of all the touristy places to visit. We were able to visit the chocolate factories which was so awesome and tasty. If you are an early riser don’t expect to get a coffee anytime before 9am as most of the small cafe’s and restaurants don’t open until around 9 to 9:30am.

What we also found so refreshing was being able to buy fresh vegetables from venders located on the main roads. We bought beautiful Ooty carrots which were so tasty and fresh.

Overall Ooty was a beautiful place to visit and for us a welcome escape from the heat of Chennai. Make sure you take warm clothing like a jacket as the weather can turn cold and rainy.

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